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Based in beautiful Victoria, on Vancouver Island of Canada's Pacific North West.

We approach a wedding day with the intent of capturing the smallest and most intimate moments, the moments that help define the day and tell your love story. 

You have most likely been thinking about your wedding day for some time now, one detail at a time. We understand how incredible our job truly is, to capture those moments, those details, everything you have poured your heart and creative mind into! With that in mind, we only take on a limited number of weddings each year, to ensure that you have all of our creativity, excitement and attention! 

The most incredible part of our job is that we get to step along side you on your wedding day and experience a slice of your story for just a day. We get to meet your family, hear stories from those you hold close and see the love you two have for one another. We get to capture all the small touches you have put your heart into, and we get to watch you start your lives together. 

We get to capture all the small touches from the flowers you have chosen, the invites you have sent out, the wrinkles of your grandma's smile, and the way you look at each other, we are here to capture each and every one of those little details. Because those, those are the little things that add up to something genuine, something real and something authentic.

Wedding packages start at $2,400 with lots of options to choose from. To see our full pricing and package list please get in touch and we will get started on making something beautiful together! 

We are passionate about love, weddings, the journey you took to get here, and telling your unique story.
— xoxo

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